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23 March 2010, 7:58 AM
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Joseph-Louis Proust, I mean. He’s the guy I’m doing a project on, and not to be rude, but he is pretty boring. Everywhere I look says the same things: Proust was born in Angers, France, the son of an apothecary. He grew up around the shop and came to love chemistry, like his father. He was a bright little child and soon went off to college, and after that he taught at many different colleges. But today, while reading the same thing, AGAIN, I found out a few things that were actually…interesting? I know, I was surprised, too. As it turns out, Proust wasn’t just a chemistry teacher, he had a long list of accomplishments that I never would have figured. Chemistry things, like when Proust founded  the Law of Definite Proportions – a chemical compound always contains exactly the same proportions of elements by mass. Food things, like when he extracted sugar from grapes and figured out that it was the same as sugar from honey(now better known as glucose). And even balloon things, like when he worked with Roziar and became one of the first people to ever ride in a hot air balloon.  — Balloons, sugar and definite proportions? He should be every kid’s hero! And so, as it turns out, he might just be cooler than I thought.


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I love it when I am researching and find those hard to reach nuggets of information. Good work! I am anxious to learn more about this “apothecary’s son” from an “apothecary’s daughter.” Ha! Ha! I know, I’m not funny.

Comment by Windee Little

It’s okay, Ms. Windee, at least you realize you’re lame. (:

Comment by amchapman

Well first of all, I think that your blog is awesome because of the picture at the top its sooo creative!! But im glad that you finally found out some interesting things, the grape thing about glucose is pretty cool!! And i also love the sense of humor that you have in your blog!! ;)

Comment by hewittnicole

Thanks, Nicole! I thought the sugar thing was pretty cool, too. (and that is soo one of my favorite pictures at the top. All you have to do is click ‘change header’ on appearances). (:

Comment by amchapman

wow that was pretty interesting… and like you said he would be my HERO (as a kid). I think able to find the real Joseph-Louis Proust through your project.

Comment by justinwilloughby

Hey! I love your blog! I’ve been sitting here forever and can’t think of anything to do with mine! Yours is very creative!

Comment by knpatterson

First of all I would like to know how you got the picture on your blog. I really like it. Anyways I enjoyed how you made your blog funny and interesting. You are very creative.

Comment by cheerbaby93

Thanks! I had one of those already-done layouts, but while I was playing with the appearances, I noticed that you can change the picture in the header. All you have to do is upload it from your computer. (:

Comment by amchapman

I am too epic, i can consume 4 liters of mountain dew in like 2 min. so there, plus i have the same issue of repetitive facts,

Comment by tylertumlin

I’m sorry, Tyler, but forcing yourself to chug 4 liters of mountain dew does not make you heroic, majestic, or in any way epic.

Comment by amchapman

I love your blog,how did he extract sugar from grapes?

Comment by ticaf

First of all your blog is AWESOME!!! I hope to hear more about Proust because I found out that he did some work with my scientist John Dalton. I definately agree that he should every kid’s hero. =]

Comment by Elvia

Hey I love the picture! Ya, I found my person a smidgen boring, but he did do a lot of interesting research escapades. See you after the break!

Comment by kaylenmcmahan

I love your background! I would like to ride in a hot air balloon but im too scared. I might not be able to get back to the ground.

Comment by Keli Waller


You have done really nice work on your blog. I’m impressed. I’m glad that you did find some interested things at last. Think about your own life now….what would you like to leave behind that when others looked up you up? Would you want them to think that your life was boring or would you like to make considerable contributions? Think about it and choose your path accordingly.

Mrs. Garland

Comment by Mrs. Garland

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