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23 March 2010, 7:58 AM
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Joseph-Louis Proust, I mean. He’s the guy I’m doing a project on, and not to be rude, but he is pretty boring. Everywhere I look says the same things: Proust was born in Angers, France, the son of an apothecary. He grew up around the shop and came to love chemistry, like his father. He was a bright little child and soon went off to college, and after that he taught at many different colleges. But today, while reading the same thing, AGAIN, I found out a few things that were actually…interesting? I know, I was surprised, too. As it turns out, Proust wasn’t just a chemistry teacher, he had a long list of accomplishments that I never would have figured. Chemistry things, like when Proust founded  the Law of Definite Proportions – a chemical compound always contains exactly the same proportions of elements by mass. Food things, like when he extracted sugar from grapes and figured out that it was the same as sugar from honey(now better known as glucose). And even balloon things, like when he worked with Roziar and became one of the first people to ever ride in a hot air balloon.  — Balloons, sugar and definite proportions? He should be every kid’s hero! And so, as it turns out, he might just be cooler than I thought.


Hello world!
5 March 2010, 7:14 PM
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